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Is Death Bad For You?

We can’t imagine what non-existence is like. Blackness forever is a representation of the limit of our imagination. Even still, there are other ways to think about death because not everyone agrees that we no longer exist.

Prayer Through Action

We acknowledge that we have to meet life half-way. It is unconscious by means that this “half-way” we give, is merely our every day life, and nothing special. It is only in hind-sight that we realize there was another half also working with us which we did not take part in. Which is what makes it special.

The Impact of a Starry Night on the Human Soul

It is apparent that being human and looking into the distant universe has likely been a defining characteristic of what it means to be human on planet earth, even into the distant past I would presume. I was only disappointed I hadn’t seen it more often in life, as it seems an important reminder.

What Is Meditation?

Do not be discouraged if you find yourself not understanding what meditation is while you are practicing. Simply stop trying to match experience with a definition, what meditation ‘should be’ if what is said about it is correct. If you can be open to the idea that anything anyone has said or ever will say about meditation is not what meditation is. Congratulate yourself, because this is the beginning of meditation.

Belief and Perception

For each of us it is the subjective experience which determines our quality of life. There are rich people who are miserable, and poor people that are happy. It is not the stuff which everyone sees that determines a positive life, it is something else which the poor person has, and money cannot buy.

Reincarnation In This Life

Whether or not the soul ends at nirvana is unclear and the Buddha himself would probably deny to answer such a question. Here however we’re going to entertain a different view of lives, one in which you’re likely aware of and have had experience of many lives already.

Introducing Happiness to Contentedness

Happiness is a quality of life we feel everyone has a right to pursue. So much so that it’s written in our constitution. What we think of when we envision happiness has a lot to say about what we are using that right for.

Dimensional Realization

When I envision dimensional understanding I think of a new level or viewpoint. In particular, a transformation of the way in which we see. Previously there was a contradiction where now it can held in hands which can hold it in a way which is not problematic and both sides are able to be seen.

Doubt, Faith, and Certainty On The Path

It is of no coincidence the greatest spiritual leaders underwent a time of paramount solidarity, a walk in the desert. It very well may be true when they say that we don’t have to, but it means nothing at all to us if we don’t know why.

The Stream of Life

“Poker at its core is a game. In a way, the skilled poker player extends their hand to the entire game. When another player discards, this is just as valuable information as their own draw. There is less of a line between their own actions and the actions of the other players, they are of equal importance.”