Dimensional Realization

Dimensional realization does not imply a 4th dimension or different perceptual abilities we cannot perceive such as ultraviolet or x-rays. When I envision dimensional understanding I think of a new level or viewpoint. In particular, a transformation of the way in which we see. Previously there was a contradiction where now it can held in hands which can hold it in a way which is not problematic and both sides are able to be seen. Much like a two-dimensional object seems full the way it is, when a square is revealed to be three dimensional, the two-dimensional figure seen previously is contained in a new image containing more than before which was not possible. When looking at a three-dimensional cube directly at a side, it looks like a two-dimensional square. When rotated slightly however, there is more there than previously known.

Although a decent metaphor, dimensional realization is not visual. It has more to do with scope than with content. In our lives we have likely over time held two very different attitudes toward a concept. Possibly we were raised in a family who felt one way about something, and we grew up to find out the opposite is the case. As far as surface mental phenomena is concerned, we believed one way and have realized another. This is a mental representation of our visual square and equivalent to looking at another side of a cube. To increase our scope and our view begins with saying something like “although I thought this one, and now I think this one, this is why both are possible.” The final statement implies depth to be explored.

I’m not sure if there’s depth to every situation, I’ve had few of these situations happen in my own life. Hearing other’s discuss similar matters however has caused me to wonder how to express the notion of such a thing. It’s one of those topics when it’s brought up in conversation with another often I get a “yeah, that is weird. I kinda get what you mean.” I’m typically not satisfied with the explanations I’ve given so this idea needs further development. Since I know this primarily from personal examples, I will tell a story.

There was a time in my life marked by a radical change, I was no longer myself. Friends, family, didn’t recognize me from a personality standpoint. I felt great, but there was a nagging suspicion at the time which I called ‘everyone else’ that kept reminding me that it was dysfunctional. Internally however, everything seemed so perfect. These new ideas, dreams, and people began showing up which were very different than before. It all fit together so perfectly too that I just knew the universe was giving me signs toward a new life. ‘I knew it’ when before I didn’t believe in such a thing. This proved to be a requirement in the puzzle I would be solving. Although i’d heard people talk about signs and synchronicity, but never thought it could happen to me. In fact, ‘I knew’ it couldn’t happen to me.

Weeks went on and I had to get back to a somewhat regular self. There was just something that felt like it needed to be done first, I had to figure something out. I mean, I met all these people who affirmed what I thought was happening. It all felt so right but my gut was telling me something wasn’t quite right. I needed an explanation for these events which were extravagant. Even to this day I can hardly believe some happened the way they did, but they did. If it weren’t for some of my early delving in philosophy I surely would have wound up in trouble following the rabbit hole because I was as high as the heavens but physically sober. The best explanation at the time was illness ranging from bipolar, ‘unexplained’ psychosis, prolonged out of body experience, all the way to schizophrenia. Primarily dependent on which doctor I saw that day. Needless to say, time was running out and something needed to be done.

It had seemed to me that throughout this series of events I had accepted some new beliefs where before they were either on the contrary, or absent. Like whether or not signs even existed. These new beliefs had given me a new experience of the world, I had been in the same environment for years. I found myself in a predicament. I had my feet in two different worlds it seemed. A previous one calling me back in the form of loved ones, and this one which was just fresh, unknown, even heavenly. Instead of choosing either as there was the obvious issue of “well which one is true?” I looked from a larger scope mentally speaking.

I noticed that the same place, when beliefs are different, can look and feel differently. Not necessarily that my beliefs can change ‘the’ world, but that they can change ‘my’ world (conceptually speaking). Either view seemed true if the ideas supporting them were invested in with a currency called belief. This conundrum lasted for days of pondering about this. From what I’d known previously, one had to be true and the other a delusion. I wasn’t okay with just looking at a different side of a cube. How could they both exist?

Well that seeming impossibility led me to the depth aspect of “this is why both are possible” of the situation, and a new depth of living. Which I am uncertain of the causality or correlation of it all, but I live by the pacification of my illness at the time being a result of this shift in perspective. I ultimately entertained the idea that my beliefs shape my perception as a new truth, rather than content of beliefs being true. With this new idea, to me at least, I was able to live in either view without an issue. What I took to be real went deeper than it was previously. The paradox was seen and I was once again not a stranger to myself or others.

Amazingly without a formal diagnosis on record I survived such a thing. It was a wild ride to say the least. Prolonged moments of silence followed by a direct message from a near stranger with a religious narrative, believing it is of significant importance every word that is said. It is this experience that gave me motivation to reach out to others about belief and its beauty/danger.


  1. Corbin Neubauer

    That story reminds me of classical mania, you did mentioned bipolar. I’ve developed a fascination with mental illness recently and the implications they have about human nature. Dimensional realizations in life seem to be reflective of human nature in general, though some people are not able to clarify and obtain the realization. Psychedelics have always been intriguing in the way they seem to force some of these realizations and it seems even more convincing considering common experiences people tend to have (there have been many studies on this recently). However, I’m not sure if our increasingly shared culture and up bringing is the actual cause of having these shared experiences. Regardless, psychedelics as a tool or catalyst for realizations seems promising and this is evident in it’s increased use in therapy.

    • Blythe Cordova

      Individual testimonials of psychedelics as a catalyst are certainly plentiful and optimistic. Those who have taken them can often pinpoint a before/after change similar to B.C./A.D. in historical context. I’ve heard cases where even decades later they can recall the exact date they tried psychedelics for the first time. With certain individual reactions to drugs resulting in illness-like symptoms or even a full blown diagnosis, especially as marijuana is becoming more widely available and potency is often encouraged. I feel more information on intensive meditation practices such as a week long Vipassana retreat will show that there can be a reaction to meditation as well. There are a few testimonials I’ve read about meditators that have had a ‘bad’ reaction to the practice ranging from developing far-out beliefs to the equivalent of Morpheus sneaking the red pill into your drink at a party. The idea that we are conditioned to have shared experiences with psychedelics is also an interesting topic. The theory that the first person to take LSD and report what happened ‘set the scene’ for all following trips is very intriguing.

      • Corbin Neubauer

        It’s worth noting that there are actually many studies coming out relating to these things recently. We can finally take a comprehensive look at how these things interact with populations of people and not rely on anecdotes. I’ve heard a few psychiatrists talk about how psychedelics can cause certain issues to bubble up to the surface. It seems like they all agree these issues are just accelerated instead of being manifested (they would show up eventually). Hopefully we will get many more studies and be able to learn much more.

        The shared experience issue I was referring to is rooted even deeper than what your assumption, or at least I believe it is. On a societal level we share many similar experiences growing up. I would assume that an American or even a general Western civilization human would have a higher chance of sharing an experience with another person in that area. An African that is removed from Western society seems likely to have an entirely different experience and likely share that experience with someone from their region. This is all speculation.

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